Our garden is in at last. We usually start later than most and I don’t mind so much. I certainly don’t mind enough to nag my Husband until he turns the dirt.

There are are so many great farmers and yard gardeners around here that I can enjoy the good food of others until ours comes in and then I get to share.


It’s just a garden. Or sanity. My sanity. Whichever you prefer to use. There are okra, watermelon, cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, peppers, garlic, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, carrots, lettuce. What am I forgetting? Something, I am sure.

Now. Look here. This is one of our compost piles. It’s food scraps and manure.


The grain has grown from the horse manure. And sweet potatoes and yes, SQUASH are growing. So now we add only food scraps to this compost pile. And it gave me an idea.

I took some pepper and squash plants my Italian Broad gifted me and I cleared out some of the grain from a part of the pile. And yes. I planted those beautiful plants.


I am excited to see what happens!