I really have nothing to offer the world-at-large today. Nothing. I am in a bit of a sour mood because there is something I do not understand and I don’t know why I cannot understand it and that is frustrating me.

And while frustrated I did my regular check of our registered homeschool on the state site (because two have just “magically” appeared on the closed list in the last few months) so I don’t have to correct the compulsory police if they show up at the doorstop and I became even more sour because that “homeschool” site is laced with statements about compulsory education. I so wholly resent compulsory education. RESENT IT. And so many people don’t even know that guns are being held to their heads if they do not submit to the state’s compulsory demands. Not just in education.

So that made me further sour. Then came the realization that I must leave the house at 715a. But that’s my own fault because I did not fuel the truck yesterday. And we chose to allow a precious girl to play volleyball. So that humbled me a bit.

But that’s all I have. I just want it to rain, rain, rain so there will be no tennis, no swimming, no baseball. We could just do our chores and then go to the tent and read for the day. That’s all I want to do.