Here is my summer Public Service Announcement to the young people that read this blog. And why not “share” this on your blog/facebook/google+/twitter/etc as well. I think this is very worthy and I think I am right on with this one. And that’s saying a lot. Really.

Summer is quickly arriving and the college folks are home or off to internships and careers. The grade school folks will soon be at summer camps and pools and neighborhood streets.

Those “in a relationship” will likely see less or more of the person with whom they are “in a relationship” than has been possible during the school year. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. Also, with new summer opportunities, and something about the drugging effect of sun, wind, water, and freedom, comes summer loves…

Well – and here’s the PSA part – please keep in mind that dating is an interview for marriage. There is no other purpose for dating. No interviewing going on? That’s called friendship. Dating is an interview for marriage. Keep that perspective young people. Employers don’t offer multiple interviews. Why should those interviewing for the role of spouse?


If a person thinks s/he can change the apple of her/his eye, then I suggest the interview is an instant fail. Run, Forrest, run! I cannot change anyone, and I know my readers cannot, either. Only an individual can choose to allow change. So, I say again… if the person so admired has a flaw significant enough that is “needs to be” or “must be” changed. RUN. AWAY. FAST. Be kind, but run away.


Just enjoy life. Enjoy friendships. Choose wisely. And when it’s right, it’s right. I don’t think there is room for wonder. Logic and sensibility, yes. Wonder, no.