This morning I made a crappy decision. It was a smart decision, but a crappy one. And I blame Alberto.

Our three daughters and I were leaving in the morning for a week long camping trip on Hatteras. Tent, bikes, running, fishing, camp cooking. Just us girls. It’s becoming a “thing” for us to go camping together. But this morning I had to cancel our plans because of Tropical Storm Alberto’s trip up the east coast this week.

I’d been watching the forecast closely for a week or better. Each day the forecast deteriorated to more and more rain. I was actually looking forward to a rainy camping trip because that would mean good time together reading, playing games, and talking. We need this uninterrupted time to just be. We have a “kitchen” tent as well, so I wouldn’t even be cooking in the rain unless I insisted on cooking over the fire. I am a smart woman…

But then the wind became a factor. “Tropical Storm force winds” to be exact. And so, this morning, I made the call. No trip this week. I did reschedule for us as a family. But not the girls alone. And that’s OK.

The disappointment on the girls’ faces was crushing. And so, even with quite a bit of rain forecasted for home, we went about setting up camp here. It’s not the same at all. And it does include the boys’ own tent as well. Daddy will burn a pile of brush to give us at least one fire, and we will eat “camp” foods. So we rescued it as much as we could. We did find a rainbow.


And PS – I am not really blaming Alberto. It is what it is and there is a plan for everything in its moment. It doesn’t mean I am not pouting, though.