It’s silly to me, sometimes, when I think of who and what I care for most. I really am so simple.

My Husband. He nurtures and guides and provides. Sure, He’s a bear at times, but…uh…so am I. No human relationship is perfect but we both choose to move forward. Together.


Our children. They nurture and guide and provide also. Sometimes I get so caught up in my own desires I fail to see how they accomplish those three things, but they do. Daily. And we move forward. Together.


Our home. It nurtures, guides, and provides as well. I adore our home. Not for its materials or machines but for its presence. Its oasis. Its trees, its water, its soil. Its presence.


These are my favorites. Yes. Faith, Family, and Friends matter, too. And very much.

I draw strength from my Faith in, with, and for Christ.

I draw assurance from my Family in easy times and hard

I draw comfort from my friends day in and day out.

All these people and things make my heart and home.