Kids received letters today.


Kids wrote letters in return today.


Unexpected invitation to play meant a second trip out today.


Why not mail the letters while out today? There’s a blue box that is not far out of the way.


The blue box is no longer there. Children in truck are desperate to know letters arrive to friends quickly. I am a pushover at this brief moment in rainy time.


We drove into town and deposited letters in the blue box at the post office.


Thought – removing the blue box (and it’s one-person post office) saves tax money. Driving into town to mail letters collects more gas taxes. I’d say this is a win-win for gubmint. Not so much for the taxpayer.


But just the same…I am not a whiner. I am a problem solver.


I am all for closing down the USPS. And my grandfather was a proud Letter Carrier. And my grandmother was proud my grandfather was a Letter Carrier. I am still all for closing down the USPS. I love you, Grandad and Grandma.


But like my desire to close down public education, I know it won’t happen.


So here’s a compromise.


Create blue box/APC  kiosks on other federal property like courthouses and the fed can lease space on state and city properties like Election Boards, health departments, etc that already have land.  Sell the post office properties. Except in Couny Seats. If we have to go to County Seats to do most of our work, well, let’s keep it that way.


And then maybe even a blue box/APC could be added to some smaller communities as well with the leases made with private property owners (like gas stations/convenience stores).


Probably all for a fraction of the cost of running a big post office.


And I mostly like the people in my local post office. So it’s not personal. I just want my $2 back.