It is the ever-popular Hallmark holiday, Mother’s Day.


I am not a big fan of Mother’s Day. Mostly because I don’t like the hyper focus on me just like I don’t like to have everyone stare at me while I open a gift. There’s just something about it for which I don’t care. But I do like to celebrate others. That’s why I am looking forward to Father’s Day. It’s fun to do extra-special things for my Husband.


Today I slept in until 930a with my little Laura Lea beside me right where she’d nursed to sleep. I woke to the white board reading “Happy Mother’s Day!! We love YOU.” I ate my favorite kind of doughnut for breakfast  – raspberry jelly filled. Our Sunday paper had a bonus TWO sets of inserts and so I cut coupons from both after playing a riveting round of volleyball and jump roping. Then to the grocery my Husband and I went for a quick trip followed by a pop-in to Lowe’s to check on garage storage pricing.


I came home and made the slaw I forgot to make yesterday followed by grinding meat for burgers and this week’s breakfast sausage and also made our first batch of ice cream that is now cooling in the fridge so it’s ready to freeze later. So now I will put away groceries and tidy the house while my Husband and son finish mowing before the rain. We have company coming for a cookout.  It will be fun.


See why I don’t care for Mother’s Day? It’s the same as all the others… and that’s OK. Because I am always a mother. Always. And I don’t expect a reward for the role for which I was made. My very creation is for the sole purpose of serving my family. Pretty smart of me not to deny that but rather to thrive in it, huh?