This is one of Time Magazine’s upcoming covers. It is obviously meant for shock and awe. Yes, I am comparing it to war because women are VERY mean and love to rip each other up over their parenting and mothering choices.


full disclosure: we have  nursed all of our children through age 5. Maybe even a little longer. We also share a bed with our children, we wore slings, and yes, we even birthed them at home.  None of that is probably surprising, but just so you know. And those are our choices and those that know our children know there is nothing insecure about them…


But back to the photo. The shock and awe. I don’t think breastfeeding or co-sleeping or babywearing or even Dr. Sears will be what sticks with this story. I think it will be the parents who are mortified their children can see such a thing. Meanwhile, on the cover of the magazine next to this one will be things such magazine covers with scantily clad women in permiscuous poses and such headlines as “Bring your partner to orgasm quickly” and “why teens want sex now rather than later” and “which drugs are best for your libido” and “lose ten pounds fast.”


And those are deemed acceptable.


If my 12 year old son walks into a convenience store on the “good” side of town to get a Gatorade after baseball practice he can clearly see the front covers of Hustler, Playboy, and American Male. Clearly. Would this be acceptable if it were an adult male finding comfort in his wife’s breast? But a child finding comfort in his mom’s breast is unacceptable.


My facebook “friends” will not bother me nor challenge me, I don’t think, because they know how I feel. I am a nipple nazi. I am mom enough. And frankly, I don’t care if they are mom enough or not.


Unless my tax money is buying their formula or my tax money is paying their child’s medical bills because that child was deprived of what is his – breastmilk. Don’t take money from me and then do all you want. Take my money and I will call you out.