Well, it’s well known now that NC has become the 30th state to declare marriage only between a man and a woman. We now have a General Statute and a Constitutional Amendment.


I am surprised. Not shocked, but I did think the Amendment would be defeated. Clearly over 1/2 of the country’s citizens do believe that marriage is only between a man and a woman. And that’s fine. I don’t care one bit about who marries who. Or what. Didn’t BB King marry his guitar and Elvis marry a truck?


I do care that there is now another bureaucratic element to my life. And that’s what makes it all so very FUNNY! YES! FUNNY!


As I predicted in this post, whichever way the vote went, people would be whining. What makes this funny, rather than angering to me, is that the very people who were shifting from the “let homosexuals marry” argument to the “let’s limit government” argument (because it does have larger appeal, false appeal, but appeal) today decided to express their disappointment and then send their kids off to schools. Public schools. And they want to reign in government. Really? Really? Reigning in government is fine until those families are inconvenienced. Nice. Oh. A few even went off to their government jobs after dropping their kids at government schools and still found time to whine about explosive government on facebook.


So, I do see this as a good day because people did actually come around to discussing limited government, even if it was only the last week of a months long campaign. Now, if they’ll just take the jump and begin to walk their talk…


PS – for full disclosure, my blog posts to my facebook and I don’t do the thing on facebook where a person can limit who sees what. So I don’t hide anything. I am who I am and I make no apologies nor try to pretend I am something different.