Tomorrow is our primary election day. And the Amendment One is still the big topic. Not our economy. Not our miserable view of what we like to pretend is “education.” Not even the candidates themselves. The damned Amendment One.


If a person is FOR Amendment One, he is a homophobe clinging to his Bible while aiming a gun at homosexuals and chanting in favor of domestic violence.


If a person is AGAINST Amendment One, he is a friend of the homosexuals out to destroy humanity while swordfighting with two pierced penises or – no. I will not write the other visual. Yet chanting we are all one people. When, last I checked, we’re not. in any sense of the phrase.


Who is studying the actual PURPOSE of a CONSTITUTION? Only a few in my circles. Only a few.


Who is studying the ACTUAL CANDIDATES? Only a few in my circles. Only a few.


Who understands this is a PRIMARY, not a general election? Even fewer in my circles. Even fewer. And supposedly education attracts education. What.A.Joke.


So tomorrow if Amendment One passes, the homosexuals will be tossing out all kinds of anti-Christian, anti-Muslim, anti-Jewish, anti-pick a major religion slurs and crying foul and will only further be victimized leading to greater funding from my pocket. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is even a rise in domestic violence shortly following a passage of Amendment One.


If Amendment One is defeated tomorrow, its supporters will be spiking the ball in the end zone and declaring some kind of victory party which will only lead to a greater demand for funding the new bureaucracy it creates. And that funding will come from my pocket. And there may also likely be a rise in domestic violence as a result of Amendment One’s defeat.


And still no one will discuss the purpose of a Constitution nor the role of government as outlined by our Forefathers. (Who, by the way, would likely be appalled and disgusted at all the illogical arguments from BOTH sides of the issue.)And lots of REALLY bad voting will have taken place likely resulting in Amendment One, or it’s nullification re-appearing in the near future because folks simply didn’t bother to choose candidates that supported their view.


Thanks, NC. Thanks.