Gosh there’s a lot of meanness out there. I know the political cycle ramps it up. And I do enjoy the political discourse. But I’m not talking about discourse and questioning and challenging.

I am talking about meanness. Just pure hatefulness. Instead of “let’s discuss why we don’t see it the same way” it’s “You’re ignorant/backwards/stupid if you don’t agree with me.” No logic, just meanness.

Makes me even more grateful to be at home with our children this morning making bread with my old hands.



Never knew my hands looked so old. They should. I am getting old. And I work hard. Kelly Mae took this picture because, “I like when you bake bread and now I can remember this everyday.” Sweet Child o’ Mine.

Also lost in our own world, Sawyer has on leather chaps he is convinced were used “back in the day” with a white apron, leather jacket and hat. He is a blacksmith. He is making shoes for the horses right now.

Kelly Mae and Rebekah Anne are taking turns reading to each other from the first reader. Kelly Mae is a very patient soul.

The curly-headed Laura Lea is waiting patiently for me to finish writing this so I can get proper clothes down for this 50-degree day.

And my precious Reade is babysitting up the road.

This is a good start to Monday. In our own sweet world.