When reading the local newspaper this morning at breakfast, a couple little diddies stood out. Both from the front page.


Above the Fold:

“County lowers tax discount rate”

Currently, if a property owner pays taxes owed in advance of the deadline for payment, a 2 per cent discount is applied. However, for the 2011-2012 property tax payment period, that shorted the county $735,000. So, the County Commissioners (who are rarely effective as it is) has decided to reduce that reward for actually paying taxes early to 1/2 per cent. The magic number people say it will reduce the revenue loss to only $183,000. Now, I wonder what this will mean in additional billing fees. Did they consider this? Because now there is very little incentive to pay taxes early, will there be more paper costs, postage fees, and personnel hours to send out reminders that the taxes were not paid? How much of the $183k reduction will be eaten by that?


In honor of full disclosure, the article does also state that of the 100 counties in North Carolina, 55 do not offer a discount at all and of the remaining 26, er, now 27 offer a discount rate of one per cent or less. It was just a nice perk. One more little bonus to encourage folks to choose this county rather than the more expensive counties to the east and west.


A second thing that left me laughing – seriously, I almost snorted runny egg yolk out of my nose – had this title: School board discusses allowing students to be surveyed.


Seriously? I have been aware of being surveyed since I was in the 4th/5th combination class at Brentwood Elementary School with Mrs. Jones and Ms. Spiller. In a work session – which is a joke because the school board has  NO power as it is due to all the state and federal regulation, but I suppose they want to feel important. We did vote them in, after all. Oh. Wait. That was not a sentence. And this is about education (even funnier!) so let me restart my sentence. In a work session the Board discussed “whether it is appropriate to allow students to be surveyed about potentially sensitive topics.” It’s a part of a costly and wasteful review process that will change nothing but no less is being “conducted.”


The board notes parental approval would be required. Ha! The Board would be responsible for approving surveys that include one or more of those topics (political affiliations of student and parent(s), mental and psychological problems in the family, sexual behavior and attitudes, illegal/ anti-social behavior, critical appraisals of others, privileged relationships with lawyers, physicians, and ministers, income of the family). Ha! The board has received two requests for surveys related to the topics, both about sexual behavior and attitudes. No doubt at least one was phishing for Amendment One approval/disapproval.


Here’s the thing… what in that list of topics has a damn thing to do with education? Truly? And why does the System seem to think it needs approval now? It’s been asking these questions forever. This is your nanny state. I thank God for my inalienable right to pursue happiness which includes denying such a false god as public education.


And kinda sorta in a round of about way on the topic of Amendment One… If one more anti-Amendment One person tries to pin a pro-Amendment One person as a homophobe for being in favor of the Amendment, I will speak up regardless of where I am. It is hateful and disgusting and outright bullying to accost, to verbally assault a person who is pro-Amendment One just as it is hateful and disgusting and outright bullying to condemn to hell in the name of religion anyone opposed to Amendment One. Both sides are passionate and both sides are hateful, mean and using religion (Baptist v Quaker is always a loss for everyone. EVERYONE. And it does not advance ANY agenda, especially not Christ’s peace, other than shallow hate – from both sides).


How do I feel about Amendment One? I am opposed to manipulating a constitution of any kind on a whim. I can’t even get to the “topic” at hand because I am so appalled at the complete disregard from both sides to recognize this is a constitution – not a personal diatribe – the citizenship is actually considering changing. It frightens me that the citizenry does not know what a constitution does, what it means, or what its purpose is. Well, it’s not surprising because look where we are.


I honestly don’t even know that I will vote on it. Because even casting a vote on it would be my acknowledgement that changing it is acceptable.