I have a lot to say today. Several economic/political articles with my commentary, recipes for Easter and camping, and an observation about life in general are all floating in my head eagerly waiting their turn in not-so-much of a line to escape my clouded brain. But I don’t have the energy to give them the attention they need today. I am still struggling to get to the treadmill and my time is running out!


An energetic morning of tennis with the younger four followed by shopping, an absolutely fantastic warm and balanced lunch thrown together, and laundry management (it’s been a beautiful day to hang the clothes outdoors!), and helping Kelly Mae finish sewing her first garment. That’s been my day. And lethargy this afternoon that I am having a difficult time escaping.


So, there’s what little I am allowing to seep out just now. Check back with me tomorrow. It’ll be Maundy Thursday and so I am going to begin my travel towards the holiest of holy days to me. That translates to: I’ll probably be gentler than usual.