Really? I’m just tired of you now. So you’ve become spam. Permanently. Some of what I say is a joke or a part of a joke. You choose to read this blog.

If I, as a 38 year old woman who likes the sex God gave me to have, bugs you… Well, that’s just funny. It really is. It’s funny if you are trying to provoke me. It’s funny if you are truly offended… It’s just funny.

And you young folks who read this blog – all of you know who you are – you take note. There is no shame in what God gave us in sex. We don’t have to lay it all out there detail by detail or skin cell by skin cell, but we can proclaim it as a gift. So try your hardest not to be grossed out and then, when you’re up in elderly age as I am… Remember not to shame your kids with this gift, either.