Saturdays are such let downs.

I am so excited for Friday to be here because it means more time with my Husband and a mellow evening and good food.

And I am excited for sleeping in a little on Saturday and not having a plan, just fun stuff – parties, shopping, playing.

And Friday is fun! And sleeping past 6a on Saturday is fun! And the parties, shopping, and playing are fun.

And then the reality of Saturday sets in. The dishes are collecting. The floors are shedding their dirt. Laundry sits waiting to be treated. The children get hungry… Really Saturday is just another day.

Being at home for and with my family is a bit Groundhog Day-ish. Same things, Different Days. Impressed I didn’t curse, aren’t ya?

And I am OK with groundhogs. I think I find them quite adorable. My gratitude to my Husband for working so very hard against government and personal trials far outweighs the scrooge-ish, repetitive nature of the groundhog. My heart swells with joy when watching the children be … children.

Yes, I like groundhogs even on Saturdays.