It’s not a big secret that I am not a big fan of ushering every graduating high school student into college. For a lot of reasons.

It is also no secret that I own an SAT prep company. And I’m good at what I do. And I like helping students put that test in the proper perspective and understand why it is used and how it is used.

Also, less known, I also help guide students to colleges where they’ll find the most success. This is another way I can help students put the pressure of a degree into its proper perspective.

Is it a conflict of interest? Sometimes. And when that does happen, I do all I can to avoid working with the student and family. Sometimes that means simply not returning communications and sometimes that means a scheduling conflict and sometimes I just lay it out there. There are families that just want their kid to go to school regardless of the student’s ability or readiness. That is a conflict of interest for me.

College is an earned investment. Not a right. Not an inalienable right. Anything that can be chosen is not a right, it’s a commodity. Commodities are investments.

(Note – I am oversimplifying these economic concepts. I am simple like that.)

College is as often a poor investment as it is a good investment. With students learning very little more, if anything, than was known when graduating from The Twelve Year Sentence and a 46% unemployment rate among 18-24 year olds … it’s looking like a marketable, trade-able (barter-able?) skill, gulp, a, gasp, blue collar skill is far more useful.

In fact, here is a fantastic idea that still puts kids, because many of them don’t meet my definition of “young adult”, ahead without wasting time and public resources…

No. I am not anti-college. Yes. I did go to college. And yes, I used my “learned knowledge” after I spent [3-1/2] years prostrate to the higher mind, got my paper. And I was free. And what do I do now? I wife. I mother. And I teach kids how to take the SAT. College justified? I’m not sure yet.

I am sure I was able to fend for myself before the time my Husband finally noticed me. And I am sure I am meant to do what I do now. Even the SAT, Study Coaching, and College Guidance. But mostly the wife-ing and mothering.

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