We like brown rice. A lot. We eat brown rice. A lot. We bake ours in the oven because I am not a big fan of extra kitchen gadgets so we don’t have a rice cooker and it’s often too soggy when I make the quantity we need on the range top.

How do I bake it? Preheat the oven to 375F. Lightly butter (or oil) a casserole dish. Add the amount of rice you want. Add 2-1/3c of water to 1c of rice. Add some herbs if you want flavor (rosemary, lemon zest, garlic are options). We sometimes add Frontier’s onion soup mix and mushrooms. Cover with foil. Bake until it’s done. About an hour.

And then, with that yummy warm rice I can add a dab of butter and some brown sugar and a splash of cream and serve it for breakfast. Or I can make these yummy rice balls for lunch. Or I can just set the dish on the table and serve it as a side.

It is oh so good.

ps – you can do the same thing with white rice. 2c of water to 1c of rice, bake at 350. Takes about 40 minutes.