We are and are not eating freaks. I definitely have my preferred ways of doing things. Mostly whole foods, we make. Whole foods are foods that are as close to the original form as possible.

Do we do it perfectly? No. Could we do better? Yes. Were the burgers and fries we ate yesterday at the mall anything close to resembling whole foods? Well, it could be justified. If I sort of wanted to. It was ground beef (with or without a little pink slime) and potatoes. But really, I think the soaked in oil to cook and put on white bread rolls kind of undoes it all. I’m pretty sure lots of GMOs and maybe even some colorful pigs we’re used in the recipes.

Well, while thinking of how poorly we did eat at the mall yesterday I was also checking my Feeddler and found this post from the Nourishing Gourmet. So, I’m hanging my hat on the 20% rule. But there are a lot of other great points made as well. My favorite? #7.