Most mornings during the week, I wake soon after my Husband and make us breakfast. It’s a simple meal. Usually toast, fried eggs, and homemade yogurt with honey. He is usually out of the shower as I am setting the food on the table and he makes our coffees. We each quietly have a moment while holding hands and then while we eat we talk, brief one another on our days, and sometimes look through the Times Snooze newspaper.


Sometimes there are children asleep on sofas. Only the oldest regularly sleeps in a bed alone. He’s as tall as I am, so that’s a good thing. But most of the time the children fall asleep where we are. And often times that is on a sofa.


Last week when my Husband had long left for work and the red head popped into the kitchen with her bright eyes and snuggled in a too-small and now ragged favorite robe, she immediately asked, “What did you make for Daddy’s breakfast.” I replied with grits, eggs, sausage, and yogurt. Without missing a beat Rebekah Anne says, “I like falling asleep on the sofa because I get to hear breakfast and it’s my favorite sound in the morning.”