I can’t leave it alone…

I commented on it when my friend posted the link on facebook.

I posted it to my facebook. And commented on it.

And here I am posting this news story link here, too.

And yet I still can’t stop saying the same thing:

She was able to operate a high-tech gadget well enough to know she wanted to return it.

She managed to safely operate a large, heavy motor vehicle or to coordinate reading a public transportation schedule and step on board or to move from a kind motorist’s vehicle, across a curb and to a storefront.

And she has managed to operate herself to 83 years old so she has some experience.

And she didn’t know to look for handles on a store front to indicate a door? I am not a smart man, Jenny, but I am pretty sure doors were invented prior to the last 83 years.

Stoopid. Grandma and her lawyers. Glad our tax money will go to shuffling her legal papers. Pshaw!