Since my post about The Twelve Year Sentence I have been thinking a lot about the definition of a “young adult.”

In fact, while I cleaned stalls on Friday that is all I thought about. And here is my succinct definition:

A young adult is a person beginning to take full responsibility for his/her choices.

Some examples might be…

A young adult is a female who does not whine to her mother when her favorite skinny jeans are not clean and ready to wear.

A young adult is a male who is able and willing to support a family should he choose to create one.

A young adult is a male or female that makes choices without the heavy guiding hand of another adult.

So there is no age at which a person becomes an adult. The government says we’re adult enough to kill others with a vehicle at 16, choose to kill others “for the cause” at 18 but not adult enough to kill ourselves with alcohol until 21. And the government has to pick an age because it has to be black-and-white. It just chooses interesting ages… But moving on.

This is why I parent. It is my and my Husband’s responsibility to guide with our heads, hands, and hearts our children as they slowly move into adulthood, beginning as infants and moving towards young adults.

And that includes guiding their literature choices. And for right now, in this moment, here is generally where I fall. It’s generally about making sure the child is ready to process all of the book’s themes, not just one. Even if it is a great female heroine…