All the talk this past year about Twilight this and Hunger Games that has me thinking. Let’s assume I think those are acceptable storylines for my tweens to read. Is this really all there is that young people can read? Really?


A friend shared this review of a book titled The Twelve Year Sentence . I was hoping to download it to a nook, kindle, or iBooks app, but that does not seem to be a possibility at the moment. And our library doesn’t have it. What came up in the search when I typed in “The Twelve Year Sentence”?  You’ll not guess so I will tell you. “The hunger games, sound recording” was the only returned title. Nice. So, after reading the above review and several others like this one, too, I decided to take the plunge and buy it. *gulp*


It isn’t a “book” but rather a collection of papers written in the early 70s and then published in book form and later updated. It isn’t about learning at home, or how private education is superior and cheaper, but rather why we are coerced as a society to learn the way the government prescribes. Some of the concepts I read in the reviews and previews alone are eye-opening even for me.


If I, who believe learning is living rather than being force-tube-fed propaganda, and my eyes were opened, it makes me wonder how those I know who so staunchly defend their public schools would feel about even reading a review. Would they even open the book if it were laid on the table in their home? 


Would they let their children read about their very own educations? Or just stick with sex with vampires and murdering their friends?


These are the things I wonder.