Yes. I mean it. If my bank rates, fees, etc. and my taxes on everything I buy/use/consume go to support sorry folks I’d rather those folks choose a bridge to live under and bugs to eat. And I mean it.


Yada Yada Yada. I don’t hear it! NO. I don’t. How is it now a horrible thing to believe in people such that I expect people to care for themselves? Here are two examples of what I speak. And these are not outliers.


A friend sent me this article about a couple who is oh-so-very-real-estate-savvy. OH.SO.VERY. They are living the dream. For free to them. Not to me. Or any other true taxpayer who is supporting their mortgage free lifestyle. And they’re intentionally living mortgage free. And they’re not dummies. They are very smart. I’m the stupid one for not showing up on their doorstep and demanding MY money back.


Stories, no, make that News Reports abound with similar stories of houses purchased and never a payment made because my government doesn’t want to disenfranchise home ownership. Newsflash: Home ownership is not a right. If a person can CHOOSE something, then that something is NOT A RIGHT. It is a commodity. I’d rather that couple and all those like them spend some quality time living “free” as they’ve chosen – in a found cardboard box in the public domain woods. Even the box and the woods aren’t free but that is living on the cheap. Not living at the expense of those responsible citizens…


And the food. O.M.Goodness. I swear I cannot go to the grocery without someone in front me whipping out an EBT card. Now. Don’t get yer knickers in a twist yet. Yet. First I will tell you that I was in line last week behind an elderly woman who whipped out her EBT card, trying to keep its giveaway flag from showing. She purchased cabbage, chicken thighs, rice, and juice. Those are all reasonable uses for EBT and the woman clearly was not proud of using an EBT card. No one should be. That does not mean shame must be applied to it, but it should not be a  badge of honor.


And then there’s the woman from this weekend. My second example. Holy Mackerel. No. Holy Whole Sperm Whale. No. Holy Hell. And I mean it. I was behind a woman who purchased $146 and change in crap. CRAP. C.R.A.P. Soda, Oreos, Hamburger Pickle Slices, Banana popsicles, YooHoo, pickle loaf, potato chips, Little Debbies, oh the many boxes of Little Debbies! And all the etc. And she and her husband on his Rascal-like scooter were just chatting and chatting with the cashier. My favorite cashier at this store. They went to church together, I gathered. The husband was seated at the end of the check-out with his blue-tooth in his ear and was pulling up photos and videos on his iPhone showing them to the cashier. The wife was saying to the husband she really wished he chosen rainbow chocoloate chip cookies rather than Oreos because she thinks they’re “funner to eat.” I KID YOU NOT. None if it helped that it was the 15 items or less lane. I had three items. And it was my favorite cashier so I overlooked the full cart in front of me.


Both of those people were the size of beached whales. WHY are they buying so much crap to eat with EBT when they’re the size of beached whales. Yes. I am playing that card. And y’all know I like good food and I ain’t skinny.


She was just a waving that flag-covered EBT card as she talked, whipped it through the payment machine, entered her PIN number, and then as she collected her receipt said to her husband she’d help him get that stuff to the car and then she had “stamps left and I’m gettin’ those rainbow cookies.” I KID YOU NOT. Even retelling this story is making me violently ill. I’ll be skipping lunch.


And that is what I see more and more of around me. People with no regard that OTHERS ARE GIVING THEM HOMES AND GROCERIES. Giving them with money STOLEN AT GUNPOINT from them. Not by choice. Not even with any remote opportunity at choice. At gunpoint. A gun pointed to my head and my hands cuffed behind me. My children were raped of earned opportunities to provide shelter and food for such thoughtless people. RAPED. And yes. I feel that way about it. It is a violent act that tears at souls. At least mine.


Yes, I have seen the timid family of three studying their WIC vouchers to make sure they’re only choosing what they are properly to choose. I’ve seen the embarrassed dad doing all he can to hide that card and balance a wiggly one year old on his hip at the same time. Yes. Those people like the elderly lady do exist. And those are the people I would much rather hand a food store gift card to and walk away. And maybe I will. Actually, I think I may start to do that. That’s what community does – it provides for the welfare of its own. But it’s tough. Because even the food those struggling families are buying is taking from me.


It’s taking from those of us who do pay into the system even after our use of public services and goods is deducted. And we are few. And we will stop producing. Because Atlas is shrugging. And the world as we all know it, will end. And then…how much can anyone give? Survival of the fittest…