***WARNING*** LOTS of REALLY bad language in this one… It’s the fans, not me. Promise.


This is just all so funny to me. (Says she with lots of UNC-CH fans as friends yet she could not possibly care less…)

The Daily Big Ten

Time to expose more deranged fans – this time from North Carolina.

Some with access to the Interwebs are very cross with Creighton’s Ethan Wragge for fouling Kendall Marshall on the play that broke his wrist.

So, they are doing the only natural thing – attacking Wragge on Twitter:

And an apology from one of the earlier Tweeters:

Meanwhile, Kelly seems nice:

And they keep coming (11:40 p.m. update):

Some even say the above comments are OK:

And a night’s sleep hasn’t stopped some from going after him (Monday AM update):

Twenty four hours later, they’re still at it (Monday 8 p.m. update):

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