Lenovo R61i and Brother AX-450

My sister and her children have a new found affection for typewriters. Well, with her encouragement, I took mine out. It is a Brother AX-450. My Grandma Chalifour bought it for me at some point. She was a career secretary and so very proud of her shorthand, typewriting, and telephone skills. She wanted me to have all those skills, too. And I did learn, with her help, shorthand and typing and even telephone skills. I have forgotten most of the shorthand. I can type really well. And as long as the person on the other end doesn’t make me angry, I even still use my telephone skills. 


My Grandma was convinced that computers were not here to stay nor planes would remain in the air. She worked for the FAA. At RDU. As they installed the new fully-computer-based tower. I married a pilot and aviation parts manufacturer. And this is a blog. Written on an iPhone and occassionally a laptop. Go figure.


Anyways, for whatever random reason on this 85 degree day, I decided we’d pull up the Brother from the basement to see what ribbons he needed. I learned from my sister that typewriters are becoming popular again and their ribbons are quite accessible. Well, I cleaned it up and popped in a piece of paper. And started typing. Nothing at first. And then slowly the ribbon came to life. And the correction ribbon, too. And guess what? No autocorrect. My typing skills are not nearly what I think they are.

RA032003 and Brother AX-450