Because inquiring minds want to know…

I did hear back from her highness the patent attorney. I cannot share the email because it had all that confidentiality crap at the end. And I’m honorable and will choose to respect that idiotic verbiage. Life is a series of choices.

Attorneys. Really? I’m asked to sign my life away for the Patriot Act HIPPA and a stoopid attorney wants to stop me from disclosing what has been sent to me.

Again- evidence people believe they can own the Internet. If you give it to me then it is MINE. And that includes email. But no. I don’t own the Internet.

So, I heard back and was asked to give my age, rank, and serial number. Right. Like that’s gonna happen. And as if it isn’t easy enough to find with a little work. But since she wasn’t even willing to do the simple YouTube follow-up to see that I had already fulfilled her childish give me my toys request, why should I think she would use the GMAIL account from which I emailed her and find who and where I am. And she calls herself an attorney…

Well, actually, it is entirely possible that I will get some gnarly letter in the mail from her. Probably a cease and desist on my blog. And I’m not worried. She can bully all she wants. She started it and none of it involved confidentiality crap until she chose to threaten me via YouTube rather than just message me through YouTube. But… When she realizes that YouTube didn’t include a confidentiality statement in their notification email, she’ll probably go after YouTube. Darn! I just gave her n idea. Again… She calls herself an attorney? And an IP attorney at that. Good thing I’m just a mom.

So, I emailed her back sans her legalistic Mumbo-Jumbo therefore I can cut and paste my reply:

Ms. Evans,

You had everything you needed to contact me in a civil manner. Having done quite a bit of research on you, your career, and your community outreach program, I am well aware I cannot win against you. I am just a mom who likes being a mom. If you want to pick on me, fine. But we’ll do it through this form of communication, although I see no reason why we need to continue. You’ve already won. Add that to your accomplishments.

Had you done your research before writing me, you would have seen that I changed the titles of all three videos to remove all reference of your program within an hour of receiving your YouTube generated threat.


“It’s not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is, what are we busy about?” ~Henry David Thoreau

And she nearly immediately responded with a kind of thanks for the appreciation one-liner followed by many lines of auto-generated confidentiality stuff so I can’t post it. Because unlike her, I am honorable.

Well, I shouldn’t say she isn’t honorable. She is making a seemingly genuine effort to increase interest in science and technology within the black community. I’m not confident that her cause outweighs her haughty attitude regarding “her property” but the cause is no less seemingly a good one.

So, unless that cease and desist letter arrives, I suppose this story ends with my still glowing acknowledgement that a nice, frumpy, fat girl can be considered “unfair competition” for the world at large. WINNING!