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Nonsense to Mom's Sense (of Humor)

I swear just about all kids in the public school system these days are card-carrying members of the “gifted and talented” brigade. How do I know this? Because their parents yak about it every chance they get. Ironically, for me it usually comes up at my most embarrassing moments, including, but not limited to, when I’m:

  • At the bank contesting an overdraft.
  • In line to buy tickets to an R rated movie for my teens.
  • At the liquor store stocking up for the winter, er…I mean a party.
  • Emerging from a public restroom stall after ingesting too much Mexican food.
  • Selecting feminine products at the grocery store. (OMG, get away from me!)

Why these people can’t accost me about their junior achievers when I’m volunteering at the Red Cross or teaching illiterates how to read is beyond me. It could be because I’ve never done either of those things, but…

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