An old drink has tiptoed us through an illness that began Friday, took sabbatical, and struck four more of us overnight. Two of us remain unharmed. I am not one of the unharmed.

When the stomach bug struck our oldest on Friday night, I really thought it was food poisoning. It was brief and fierce but did leave him in bed the next day. Being a 5’7″ at least boy, he was eager to eat again. I warned against “gulping and gorging” himself and instead made saltines and Ginger Water available for “nibbling and sipping.”

We learned about Ginger Water from our Prairie Primer study. In The Long Winter Ma makes Ginger Water for Pa and Laura so they will have something cold to drink while getting up hay in the hot slough. Cold water can cause the stomach to cramp and the person to vomit, but Ginger warms the stomach making hydration easier. It’s a sports drink! And even better, the whole family likes it anytime.

From my own slowly growing knowledge of herbs, I know Ginger curbs nausea and settles a spastic stomach. It also helps the body fight viruses. So… When the oldest was sick, he sipped on Ginger Water. And now with four of us recovering, we, too, are sipping on Ginger Water. But no saltines yet. It’s just too soon.

From the Little House Cookbook

Brown sugar 1/2-3/4c, packed
Powdered Ginger 1t
Apple cider vinegar 1/2c

Dissolve the sugar and ginger in the vinegar and then add water to make 2 quarts. Serve cold.