What a gorgeous, easy day. I woke slowly with the sweet Laura Lea beside me. She told me all about a friend’s “crazy Uncle” and all the dogs he has and then how she missed her friend’s dog Grace that passed away not so long ago.

My Husband and I enjoyed coffee on the sunny patio where it was just warm enough for me to sit in jeans, a survivor jacket, and my Birks. All three pieces frayed and worn and oh so comfortable.

Breakfast was cold cereal and leftover calzones and no one complained.

Even Reade, who vomited some during the night didn’t even complain. He knew he could only sip on Ma’s Ginger Water. And he was content.

An impromptu moment of jump roping with three of the children and my Husband brought on lots of laughs and lots of gasps. For air.

And then the four younger ones headed to the southeast in the plane for a fly-in luncheon. When He flies VFR I get a little anxious because I cannot watch Him on the tracking app . But it is beautiful outside. I’m not having to watch the northwest sky for clouds…

I ran a fast trip for some more heavy cream to make this cake for a special someone. There’s a giveaway in that link, by the way…

Now with the cake in the oven, I’ll do a few house chores and then head outside with a few gardening books. And dream in the sunshine.