I think it is very interesting that only now are the boobed-out masses becoming aware of Kony. How interesting that it took youtube to get them to that awkward place. And how silly of those trying to stop the “spread” of the Kony. Silly people. This is old news.


Here’s what the youtube video does do. And this is my interpretation, no direct words say this. It points out to me that westernization does not equal salvation. Let the people there rise up against their oppressors. If they do, then a new day begins. If they don’t, then the bad guys win. No amount of “good will” or “brother’s keeping” will end the good vs evil fight. The fight will only relocate to a new day, location, or enemy.
Missionary/good will/brother keeping efforts are noble. I prefer to keep any support I offer such organizations in my community. We’re already western or have chosen to live in a western society. Handing a box of Nikes and an Adidas shirt, and some LL Bean shorts to someone who has lived for CENTURIES without those things only changes and further complicates that society. If that society seeks out the Nikes, Adidas, and LL Beans of its own free will and with its own ingenuity, then that’s another thing. Free will. We all act of free will.


So, I say keep on passing Kony around. And instead of promoting it as a call to arms against a nation at war with itself (largely driven by western intervention and influence), promote it instead as a sign of gratitude that the viewers are watching it on some device that represents a world of our own. And be grateful. I sure am grateful I can choose to walk out of my home with my children and not fear for my physical harm.