I have a bundle of economic and political posts to share but instead I am going to share this.


Being a friend is challenging. Well, not so much the being, but the active being. The moments I know I should take with friends are few. My family does come first. The moments I steal with friends via text, email, facebook, and even the occasional phone call are not many more. My family comes first. And that’s why I only have a few friends.
Their families come first, too.


This morning I did have a moment with a young friend. So many new and exciting decisions to be made. Experiences to be had. And almost as many disappointments to feel.  It was easy to share my thoughts, opinions and advice. It was even easy to share them without accusation and bossiness.


It was challenging to know that I want this time with this friend and time with others so that I can share and I can glean. It is challenging, but  not impossible.


When my friend and I were parting ways after a good couple of hours of analysis, research, and discussion, my friend said, “I will make good decisions.” My reply:


Don’t tell me you’ll make good decisions, because you won’t. Some will be bad. Just own the decisions you make. They are not anyone else’s fault.


That’s pretty good advice if I may so myself. And I follow it. Yes, there are times when I feel myself getting whiney or ready to shift responsibility. But like earlier this week when the kids were getting punchy with each other… I owned it. They were punchy because there was a need, a guidance I was not giving. With a critical look into my world, and help from my Husband, I saw this weakness of my own and I owned it. And with some tweaking, our week is slowly and sweetly closing.


My friend? Well, there’s some self-reflection to do there as well. And it will happen. I am certain of it. Life is a series of choices…