I had a very pin-able post planned for yesterday. The kind of fantastic walk-one-through like this one.

And then I made me check myself and now I am simply too exhausted from the emotion of yesterday to care about putting together a Very Pinteresting-ly worthy post. So here it is, from my phone, in the last remaining 17 minutes of quiet today.

I had some folks interested in trying my elderberry syrup. So I made some. And then I wanted to label it so the folks would know what they were enjoying.

Well, I am not a big consumer-driven person. So I used what I had on hand to “cute-en up” the jars.


I had some labels I’d bought with a big bag of miscellaneous other office supplies from The Scrap Exchange some time ago. I mean, a big bag for like $3. Awesome-ness! And I had the first clover garland I crocheted when I was trying to make the pattern. I also had some scrap papers from the Exchange that I used for jotting down ingredients and uses.

This is what I ended up with after labeling and cutting apart the garland:


Oh. Look at that. I took the pic with the jars turned around. Oh well.

The bags were set on the front porch for pick-up. I re-used gift bags that had often already been reused… Some were delivered. It was a good thing.


An update: for those (named Jenna 😉 ) that wanted to know how the kids were when I arrived home… They were not far from where I left them. I cuddled them. I reassured them. But I kept on the game face. When I went to the treadmill, I heard them. Over the noise of the treadmill and the TV. When I showered after, I heard them. On the other side of the house, behind two doors, and over the noise of the water. Mind you, they are not fighting. They are picking. Bickering. Just being ugly. So. In four minutes now they’ll wake. And I’ll continue on attempting to guide and direct these sweet souls. Because its my responsibility. Not the government’s.