Tomorrow we check a box. A box shoved onto those of us who learn with our children unconstitutionally and with tremendous discrimination. No less, I am grateful for this one box to check rather than the multitudes that we could be forced at gunpoint to check.

It’s annual testing. In our state, as those who choose to live with our children rather than apart from them, we are required to subject the children to poor measures of their beings once yearly. Fortunately, we do not have but one measure from which to choose, but instead many from which to choose. And gratefully, our government has allowed the task to be handled by the private sector which not only creates another little economy of its own, but also affords the parents the opportunity to choose who administers the atrocity.

We have a wonderful test administrator. He is kind and gentle and gracious. He respects the fact that we are simply checking a box, not hanging on every nuance of the poor measure.

So, we will trek off to the west and drop a couple of hundred dollars of OUR money to check a box. At the same time, the government schools begin to prepare precious students, real people who deserve the same freedom from “average norms,” for a battery of ill measures also at OUR expense that will become a permanent imprint on those precious humans held hostage for the rest of their “education” years.

Yes, I resent this requirement. But I am so grateful for it at the same time.