When a song brings memory of a moment or a time or an emotion, the music is more beautiful. Even if the memory is painful.

When a song brings memory of a person, the music is most beautiful.

Yesterday I was outside sitting in the sun and 75F air working on a manual with my iTunes playing in the background when Rufus Wainwright’s version of “Hallelujah” played. Each time I hear this song I think of my Sweet Cousin.

I can’t say why. We’ve never listened to it together. We’ve never discussed it, the artist, or even the topic. It just makes me think of him.

And now, even though I’ve not seen him in years and years and even though he’s been all over the world and even though our lives and perspectives are so very different, but hearing this fills my heart with his memories. He feels so far away on the West Coast. And so, rather than keep the joy to myself here in the East, I sent him a little note sharing the song.

And he returned with this one. How awesome you are.

Thank you, Sweet Cousin, for being you.