It is this part of the day that I am most in limbo.

My Husband has left. The kitchen is cleaned up and dinner is prepped (in the crock pot today). Laundry is started. Lessons are planned. And about thirty minutes before the children wake.

What to do with thirty minutes?

There is always knitting. I like when the children wake to my own way of quiet rather than busy-ness.

I could knock out the treadmill. I don’t like the children to wake and have to walk down a bright stair to a noisy contraption and my saying, “I need 5 more minutes.” That’s out.

The reading I’ve neglected too many mornings of late is calling loudest. That’s a sweet awakening … Momma on the sofa reading. It’s easy to crawl into cuddles when a book can so simply be moved or closed with a single hand.

Yes. Reading. That’s what I’ll do.