At least three folks who regularly read this blog are vegetarians. Please note there will be pictures of raw beef (not on the animal) below.

When talking with my sister one day in the recent past she shared how her incredible maternal grandmother would buy large cuts of meat and grind her own hamburger. Well, our stand mixer has a grinder attachment, so why shouldn’t I do the same? And now, inspired again by a woman I never knew, I am grinding my own meats from the bent meat shelf.

I’d already ground venison when we took the two bucks this year. We’ve enjoyed venison and beef meatloaf a few times already and will again this week. So I knew out to use the grinder attachment on the mixer and I now knew how to cut the meat to make it grind easiest.

I started with 3.15# of bottom round steak.


I fed it through the grinder, using the larger die, which I know having done this several times now, is just right as compared to the smaller die and easier on the mixer motor. Wearing an apron is critical. Blood does splatter. Well, actually spurt…


I measured it out into 1# batches.


And wrapped it other with other bent meat finds from this trip.


Yes, the date is incorrect. But I figure since it’s going in the freezer, my thinking it is two days older than it is doesn’t matter. Much. The pretty purple sharpie makes up for the error in my opinion.

So, as we use the venison stored this winter, and the extra bent meat put up in paper as well, we’re in good shape.

Monday – Beef Stew, salad, bread

Tuesday – Venison, Sausage, and Beef meatloaf, roasted squash and kale

Wednesday – Pintos and Cornbread

Thursday – Eggplant lasagna, salad

Friday – Grilled Venison, rice, salad