With the presidential and gubernatorial elections nearing and a marriage amendment looming, there are a lot of comments, signs, posts, etc on each side of the fence.

Here’s my thing: quit calling each other absurd. It’s no more absurd to believe we all came from something than it is to believe we all came from nothing. And really? Who cares. Are we gonna change it? Can we change it? Both sides of that argument agree it’s done and over with and in the past and can’t be changed. Move on to a constructive argument.

And *government* marriage? It’s absurd that both sides of the fence are so fiercely defending something of which the government should have no business at all. None. It’s a small tax used to garner greater taxes and to seize control of families and their choices. Get over it.

If I’d only known, understood, and believed then what I do now…


On a lighter note…

We had this mongo storm last night. Rain and maybe a storm was not unexpected, but it was not expected to scare the bejeebies out of me!

Kids never moved. Three were in our bed and two in their own rooms. I couldn’t wake the one upstairs to get him downstairs. That was the scariest part. And then the storm was over as quickly as it arrived.

From the patio, I can see one tree down at the base, but it kindly avoided the fence. It will be interesting to see what else is out there.

And last night I had the opportunity to wear one of my new dresses (for the first time) that we bought on super clearance before Christmas. It is an REI “touring dress.” That is the best.dress.ever. I will be searching for another in a different color. Makes a fat girl look good.

I edited this post about 30 minutes after it was posted to clarify that I am speaking about government marriage. Not community marriage where a couple publicly declares its commitment to one another.