Here it is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the time when I am called to focus on Christ’s suffering for me.

Growing up, I knew very little about Ash Wednesday and what I knew was from my Catholic mom. But we primarily attended a non-denominational Bible chapel that mostly shunned “church” order and aerobics.

As a teen living away from home, a college student, and an adult I have attended and visited churches of many Christian denominations and faiths, not just Christian. Some churches I attended only once, some several times, a couple too many years. All of those different experiences have only concreted my belief that religion is indeed a man made activity.

And that’s OK.

It’s OK because I am confident that I am only responsible for myself. I am only responsible for my own faith and the expression of that faith. I am not responsible for my Husband’s salvation. I am not responsible for any of the children’s salvation. I am not responsible for the salvation of family, friends, or strangers. Only my own.

I want to raise up our children in the way I believe right. One way is through awareness of and activities within the Lenten period. Not meaningless “giving up” choices. But in meaningful action of truthfulness. And that means building with them a greater awareness that their actions to choose are their own.


Now some housekeeping…

Last week’s posts regarding food benefits are still floating around pretty strongly. And that’s a really good thing to help keep the conversation going.

Thank you to my local folk for promoting and leading to more elderberry requests. I am grateful!

And the snow… It came. We played. And just a bit after lunch it was gone and we were outside playing and relaxing in the snow-less sunshine. The perfect snow.