It’s just now starting to sleet here good. The weather should turn to snow soon. It’s a pretty exciting thing to get snow down here in the south. And our first shot at it this winter.

We have a Hee-Haw DVD playing. Cathy Barton and Kenny Rogers are guests. Such good fun this is.

I’ve been taking a break from knitting (Rebekah Anne’s shawl !) by winding what yarn wasn’t tangled in the kids’ yarn basket.


Good thing we visited The Twisted Knitter yesterday and the kids each chose a new skein of yarn. There ain’t much in that big basket!

Yesterday I made my BBQ sauce and slaw and then I cooked a picnic shoulder overnight. So dinner’s done! And I doubled my BBQ sauce recipe and put up 4 pint jars and 1 quart jar of the sauce. Canning makes me very happy.


Something I’ve been canning a lot of lately is my Elderberry Syrup. I offer it to my local folk for $8 pint. It’s good for all kinds of things including colds, allergies, and blues. A quick google search will lead you to lots of recipes and information. Right now I use all organic ingredients except for fresh ginger root and local honey. Hopefully I will find good organic sources for those, too, soon.


And now … in the very short time I took to write this post, it is snowing… I suppose now we really should assess our ski gear. Which will of course be just sledding gear. Until lunch tomorrow when it’s all melted. A perfect snow.