I receive a wee bit of criticism on this blog.  Funny enough, I only have two pieces of hate mail from yesterday’s post. Ha! Must mean there’re a whole lotta folks out there in agreement. Even if they won’t say so. And that’s OK. How about writing your elected peeps and sharing the blog with them? No one will have to know you did it! (And thanks to those of you who already have!)


Without intention of another blog post today, I found myself on the laptop paying bills and then invoicing for a class, so of course I had to check out a couple of favorite blogs “on the big screen.” The Feeddler app is great, but wow. Tiny screen. So, through this blog I reached this post. Awesomeness.


It has nothing to do with anything political. Promise. And if you don’t believe me, know that like the chick that wrote that post… I’ve got my own back, too.