It’s interesting to make a post like the one before this one. I know it is going to garner attention, positive and negative. And, already from experience, I know that readers are going to put me in box while angry at me because they feel I’ve put them in a box.

And apparently today my box is filled with black and white and absolutes. Because I have clear, concise opinions built on hours, days, weeks, months, years of thinking. And I am not afraid to stand on either side of the fence, but never on it. Because if I stand on the fence, never willing to “take a side,” then I will fall.

So, yes. Yes I do put government in a box.

I put government in a box. It should be contained. In black and white. The only way a government of any kind can even attempt to treat its citizenry “equal” is to have black and white boundaries. It must. Because life is gray. Once government defines which shades of gray are acceptable and which are not, it’s favoring one group over another.

Life is so gray. So very gray. There are no absolutes. In life. It is up to a community to meet the gray needs of life. Not a government. The community will know when an individual is “gaming” or truly in need. The social, civic, religious groups within a community meet the needs that find us all from time to time. They talk to us at the grocery, stand behind us in line at the post office, cheer with us at the ball park, and cry with us when we lose one of our own. Community sees they grays that are true and those that are altered. Sees them so well in fact that it can use concrete evidence to call its residents out.

But government has to be black and white. Government doesn’t know me. Or know you. We are just numbers. And occasionally letters. And if our numbers don’t fall in between black and white, we should find our matching gray closer to home. Even if it means swallowing that thick, hairy, smelly ball of pride.