This photo was taken by a friend at a local Family Dollar store.

I will not waste my time with the grammar. If you cannot find it, well, you’re on your own.

What is EBT? It is a little plastic card treated like a debit card but is actually a credit card run up on the back of those of us who actually pay taxes. It’s basically Food Stamps but can contain other government benefits credits as well.

Now… I am not going to make a diatribe of this. I promise. If you miss the logic, well, you’re the problem.

This photo was snapped the same week a PREschool child was chastised and forced to eat fake food because her actual real and correctly balanced meal did not make muster by the nazi, er “agent,” inspecting it. You can read the story here. While sickening and reminiscent of other social government failures, I don’t actually have a problem with the meal inspection. After all, if a person is submitting to Other People’s Money, one must do what the Other People require. No, I don’t think the government has any role in feeding people much less education. But that’s not what gets me about the chicken nugget story. It’s that a parent cared more about packing a good lunch than about feeding a child to strangers. This child is a PREschooler. Not even compulsory age of 7. I have no pity for the family. For shame. I have tons of pity for the child. Survival of the fittest. No less, a child was ridiculed, embarrassed and her food taken from her at the same time as children are fed candy at tax payer expense. I don’t understand.

And second to the point is again, birth control. Isn’t St. Valentine’s Day actually a religious holiday? Yes, it’s been perverted into a grotesque Hallmark display, but it is a religious event. So… our government says it is not only OK to force religious institutions to violate their own beliefs to provide birth control but our government also says it’s OK to force the taxpayers at large to support religious expressions such a St. Valentine’s Day. I suppose Christmas stockings were available for purchase with EBT and that Easter baskets will also be available for purchase on EBT in the next month. And keep in mind, I am a Christian woman. I believe in each of these holidays. I do not believe my federal government has any role in funding their “side effects.”

And lastly… EBT… is food stamps. Mostly. Food stamps (or SNAP as it is correctly titled) is run by the USDA. Obviously the USDA has backwards standards for a lot of things. Just click on the USDA Guidelines link in the chicken nugget story. But now it defines candy and toys as nutritional benefits?

You can bet I will call anyone out I see buying candy with EBT. Just like I do when I see folks using EBT for Oreos and Ruffles. No pity. Survival of the fittest. 

ps – for those of you that like to get all uppity in your compassionate conservatism and liberal longings… please note I did not once criticize anyone for using EBT/SNAP in this post. Education, yes, but that is because it is the largest social welfare program, and the most manipulative and perverse, in the country and I will seize every opportunity I have to make that point.