I slept until nearly 9am two days in a row. The m-word has struck me making me sloth-like. The most amazing thing about this illness, though, is that I have learned to take the days as they are rather than making them into what they are not.

Yesterday I still went and got my hair did (that means I had my hair trimmed…) even though my scalp hurts to be touched. And I chose to enjoy the moment of being coiffed.

I went to a massage set up for me by my Husband (and he even had a card waiting on the table for me) even though my skin aches to be rubbed. And I chose to melt into the white noise on the iPod and the stillness of the space.

After all that attention that required nothing of me, I was exhausted from all the stimulation, albeit comforting, but chose instead to feel rejuvenated and reflect appreciation in my face and heart as I met my Husband for lunch at a new local Indian restaurant.


This morning, the second morning in a row, I failed to hear my Husband turn on the shower. Or dress. Or even move through the room. And he reassured me that I could rest. And I did.


With permission the children cooked breakfast: canned biscuits, rosemary eggs, coffee. They laid out my robe, poured my coffee, and made my plate. I was greeted with shining faces at a sunny table.


I could have been anxious about all the things I would normally have done in those hours…made breakfast, breads, cleaned up, read, maybe even treadmilled. But instead, I chose to enjoy the peace that is family cooperation.


We ate, we cleaned up, and then I continued reading aloud from By the Shores of Silver Lake. One sat beside me and doodled while four painted at the table soaked in sunshine. After we finished discussing what we’d read, cleaned up art supplies, and completed a few chores, we are all outside. And it’s only 1230p. Laundry for the day has been done and put away. Exploring below the dam led to more super cool glass finds. A DJ party is being set out to cover lunch while I write this blog and then will knit here in the pop music busy-ness. And we are all soaked in sunshine on our skins and in our hearts.


We all could have been sour at unprepared breakfasts, awkward starts to the past two days, but instead we have all chosen to take the moment for what it is. Slow.