This morning while kneading our daily bread, I decided that I would also learn to conquer white sandwich bread. I mean, really, why not have some variety. And I know my Husband would choose white over oat. Pretty sure about that. So I pulled out my collection of recipes and opened it up to what I recalled attempting before: King Arthur’s Classic Sandwich Bread. I doubled the recipe and yes, I set it on the hearth. It’s simply too cold in the rest of the house to get it to rise anywhere in any set amount of time… And there it sits. Still on the hearth. The loaves of Oat Bread are made and cooled. Three dozen apple muffins (see below!) have been made and about half of them eaten… And I am right now looking to the right of my laptop screen at those two loaves of sandwich bread on my hearth still rising. Maybe it will be good and I can report back.
So why am I writing a blog in the middle of what should be lessons or what was originally scheduled as a field trip day to our state capitol? Well, I decided we would not travel today because I have the stoopid mono for a third day and it’s escalating, so I decided I needed to take it easy. (Actually I was ordered by my personal NP.) And then I finished the kitchen work and gave the kids permission to set up the little indoor shark tent thinking that the two little ones would just play quitely in there while I read aloud. Well… somewhere between “please vacuum the living room floor first” and “just the two little ones, please” a rubberband gun fight ensued and tempers flared when a red-head decided to move into the tent complete with baggage a la the society woman from Green Acres. The tent ripped a wee bit where it was already showing tension and we had full emotional collapse. Now the red-head is determined to prove her rubberband gun wiedling brother is indeed not blood related. Not the best time to read alound. At least not in our home.
So I sent everyone to their neutral corners (without a single yell) and slowly, one-by-one they’ve returned to me remorseful for their poor behavior and begging for me to “please read.” And after another muffin, they are ready to resume lessons. Er, start lessons. This is learning at home. Learning how to prove that the oldest is not indeed a child o’ mine but instead an alien from Planet Fart.  Learning how to make proper sandwich bread. Learning how to fit five children into a tiny shark tent filled with peace, love, and happiness. And learning that life must come first. Mono, arguments, and all. Then lessons.


Our Apple Muffins

based on King Arthur Flour’s Cream of the Crop Fruit Muffins

makes 3 dozen regular muffins

3c All Purpose Flour (we use Lindley Mills’ unbleached oragnic)

3t baking powder

several good runs of a nutmeg over a microplane

2 eggs

1 c whole milk

3/4 c melted butter

2 c very small diced apples with lime juice

Mix dry ingredients, add wet ingredient, stir in apples. Tough, huh? Put in greased muffin pans and bake in preheated 350F oven until you think they look done. Let them sit for a few minutes and then dip the tops in newly melted butter and then into a cinnamon and sugar mixture of your own. Eat a few warm. Eat a few cooled. YUM. And everyone is back on the same page…

Our Apple Muffins