The two big stories over the weekend were the mandatory provision of birth control even by institutions who have religious opposition to birth control and Whitney Houston’s death. These two stories are identical.

In this country, at this moment in time, I have the right to work wherever I want. I can move from position to position and from company to company. It’s my CHOICE If I want a taxpayer to pay for my birth control and the place that I work has not given into the demand to provide free birth control then I can CHOOSE leave the company. In other words… all those folks working for religiously-affiliated companies that do not share the beliefs of the religions paying their bills… they can CHOOSE to leave. Or pay for birth control out-of-pocket. It’s a CHOICE.

And how is Whitney Houston’s death identical to birth control provision? CHOICE. She had a CHOICE of how to live her life. She clearly CHOSE alcohol, drugs, and emotional distress time and time again. She is smart. She has resources beyond those I will ever have. And yet she continued to make the same CHOICES. Her death is not a tragedy. It is a PREDICTABLE CHOICE. I only pray that she CHOSE Christ and is now living in peace with Him.