Back near the start of the new year I posted about some things I wanted to learn in the near future. Not resolutions – those are a waste. For me. But just things I want to learn and/or do. Well, it’s the eleventh of February and time to cross things off and/or adjust/add/move things.

The list as it was posted in January and updated today:

  • learn intarsia knitting
  • learn Tunisian crochet
  • learn how to make a consistent loaf of bread


I haven’t even made an attempt at intarsia nor Tunisian. But bread? Read here how great I am loving our daily bread.

Here is my revised list for the near future:

  • learn to make sourdough bread from scratch
  • knit shawls for the girls for Easter Sunday
  • get the nerve to visit churches so the girls have somewhere to wear knitted shawls for Easter Sunday
  • learn intarsia knitting
  • learn to go “shopping” once a week in hopes of catching deals for clothes/household items/etc.

And lastly, a bit of housekeeping from last week…

When I posted about all I’d done in the three hours between 6am and 9am, it was not a “look at me and how productive I am” moment. In fact, it was the opposite. That is nearly standard my 6a-9a day Monday through Friday. What it was was absolutely the opposite – those are my “every day activities” and not one thing relevant to moving forward occurred. I am not bummed about that. It is what it is. I don’t stop easily. I’ve written about that over and over and over. It’s why I am stuck on the sofa right now feeling like dirt with all the mono symptoms and the stoopid sinus thing – I went too hard this week – I. Don’t.Stop.  So, please stop saying how “look at me, look at me” I am. I am actually not. This is my life. I hope you have one of your own on which to focus. Hugskissesloveyameanit. Most days.