Oh. Wow. It is only 9:05am. I feel like it should be much later.

What have I done with the last three hours? It’s gone. And a big afternoon ahead.

I woke, groggy because I am so tired still from the sinus thing which is nearly over whew. I made breakfast for my Husband, Reade, and me. I cleaned up breakfast, I began making bread. Stop.

This is the bread recipe I am currently using and continually adjusting. It is based on Amanda Soule’s WHO bread recipe in her book The Rhythm of Family. Here is my recipe based off of hers.

Mix 2c warm water, 5t yeast, 1T white sugar, a dab of molasses, 4T of honey. Let it sit and get all warm and frothy (like I prefer a good dark beer) while you mix 4c all purpose flour, 1-1/2c ground flax seed, 1c rolled oats, and 2t salt all in a big bowl.

While that yeast is gittin’ all jiggy with the sugars, work 4T of butter into that flour with your fingers. Make sure it’s good and broken up. Then mix in the fragrant (at least I remember it being fragrant when I made it before this sinus thing) yeast and sugar. Mix it and add a little more flour if it is sticky. Do NOT make it dry.

Then plop it on the counter on top of a bit of flour and knead it good for 10 or so minutes. Look up videos on YouTube of how to knead if you’re not sure. Then put this piece of beauty into an oiled bowl, cover it with a damp towel and let it rise for a good hour. I set ours on the hearth where it is cozy and will feel loved.

Then punch it down to put it back in its place. Cocky bread dough is unattractive. Look at those ciabatta loaves – all fluffy but empty… After another 30 minute rise, turn the oven on 350F. Break the dough into two pieces and knead each piece for a few minutes and gently place it in oiled bread pans.

When the oven reaches 350F, place the bread in and let it bake for 30-40 minutes. Let it rest for 5-10 minutes in the pan, then let it rest out of the pan for a good 5 minutes before you slice it.

And you will love the bread and return to this blog for the recipe until you master your own version and write it down. And if you want to see where this recipe started, do buy the Rhythm of the Family book. It is beautiful.


Ok. Back to my morning. So I made our bed, set up the pintos in the crockpot, boiled eggs, folded some laundry, stoked the fire several times, emptied dish drawers, made breakfast for the four kids that did not go to work today. And y’know what? I would have never considered grits, homemade bread toast, and boiled eggs a delicious breakfast when I was a kid… I put a bag together for our trip to Chapel Thrill for art.

I checked email. And found this fantastic article waiting for me from my economic guru friend. A must read. MUST. So, I of course posted it to facebook which led to a chuckle from a friend taunting Carolina fans for not wearing their Carolina blue today in light of Duke’s win last night.

And then I sat down on the hearth to write this blog that is such a muss. And I’ve only been interrupted 11 times now in the last 23 minutes. But I am not mad. I am a wife and mom before I am a blogger.

Now I will hop on the treadmill while the kids continue working on lessons and look forward to the afternoon sitting in the green space with the old well and my sister. The kids will wander here and there. They’ll nearly avoid collisions with recumbent bikes, golf carts, segways, and bicycles. And they’ll have a blast doing it. Today is a very good day.