I am the whole enchilada. Not only can I do most things domestic…I actually enjoy doing most things domestic. Most days. Today certainly feels like I will like my homemaking today, but in the event I don’t, I can guarantee you that I am grateful for the opportunity.

I am also oh-so grateful for this song by Keb’ Mo’. It just makes me smile so big. Just so big! It’s just so… So… Ugh! I can’t explain so watch the video. I really like the video, too.

And since you’re already enjoying Keb’ Mo’, check out his Folsom Prison Blues. Reminds me of South of the Fork Prison Farm blues. Ha! The South Blues are far worse than the Dogwood Blues which are pretty awesome, too.

But I was really talking about Whole Enchiladas… And here is my favorite enchilada recipe. But because I am indeed the WHOLE enchilada, I do make my own taco sauce… Just some tomato sauce, extra spicy chili powder, cumin, garlic powder, salt… Not sure on amounts