This won’t be long. And it isn’t intended as a grouch, but rather a very real lack of understanding by me.

I do not understand why people “block” (or whatever it is called) people from viewing some things like articles, sassy updates, etc in facebook. I get it if a person has their kid on facebook too, but then, if it isn’t OK for a kid to see, should it really be posted anyways? But the kid part isn’t what I am talking about. I am talking about the adults. Really? Why play games?

Because as I see it, if I play such games then I am teaching my own children to play such games as well. And then! When my kids grow up and feel they have to hide certain visits, purchases, actions, etc from me for whatever reason, who do I have to blame? Only myself.

If I am not comfortable in my own shoes, perhaps I should travel barefoot for a while. My feet may hurt at times, but won’t I learn to look more carefully where I walk?