My Husband and I have not used an alarm clock for the entire 14+ years we have been married. We have used our phones on occassion to wake us when we NEEDED to leave an a ridiculous hour, but that is not so often.

Now, there are three alarm clocks in our home – one in each of the children’s rooms. And they are sounding NOW. For the first mandatory git-yer-butt-outta-bed-and-start-the-day day ever. I have VERY mixed emotions about this. And not only revolving around my sincere appreciation of the morning’s quiet as children slowly rise with their own little body clocks. But that’s another post, should I ever blog again.

So, for now, in contribution to Organization Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday, I will super quickly jot down what we’re eating (isn’t this weird to some degree) this week and skedaddle. Because I don’t want my children to remember my face in a screen. I want them to remember my face smiling back at them.

MONDAY (Students to see, baseball training, friends to hang with)

B- oatmeal and peaches

L- Quickie Cheese pizzas

D – Hearty Tuna Casserole

TUESDAY (Cake Decorating, SOBs)

B-Blueberry Flop

L – grilled cheese toast, fruit

D – adobo chicken, rice, salad

WEDNESDAY (4-H meeting here)

B – cereal (and a Movie – Beauty and the Beast where we’ll learn more about vanity!)

L – spinach quiche

D – BBQ, Slaw, rolls

THURSDAY (piano lessons here)

B – eggs in toast

L – sandwiches

D – chili, salad, rolls


B – grits, toast

L – pasta and kale salad

D – Pizza!


B – biscuits and ham

L – leftovers

D – grilled venison, salad, some starch


B/L – Brunch TBD

D – venison stew and yeast rolls